The firm

Quant Capital is a financial advisory firm focused on assisting alternative capital providers and private markets issuers.
The firm structures transactions that allow sources of alternative capital to connect with the funding needs of issuers across various industries.
Quant Capital will act as principal or co-investor on selected transactions.

Track record

The firm is built on the knowledge and experience of a group of international finance professionals that have been involved in a significant number of high profile transactions throughout their careers.  Quant Capital offers clients new ideas, access to a broad number of relationships and extensive transaction experience.

Quant Capital has advised on deals across various sectors including software, e-commerce, healthcare, industrial manufacturing, waste management, infrastructure, and energy. Typically transactions have occurred in the context of sponsor led acquisitions of leading businesses seeking capital to support their growth.

ESG - Environmental, Social, Governance

We are committed to an advisory process that embodies environmental, social and corporate governance principles.

We believe environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are key in achieving long-term value for our clients and for for ourselves.

Inequality and climate change are priorities.

Quant Capital is a supporter of Operation Smile and Fondazione Rava.

“Almost nothing can stop you from succeeding if you have flexibilityand self-accountability.”

Ray Dalio



Francesco is the founder and Chairman of Quant Capital. Over the last few years Francesco has acted as advisor to a variety of clients in the alternative asset management, corporate and…

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Marco is an Executive Director at Nexi, the Italian digital payments company, and one of the largest IPOs in the payment industry over the last several years. Prior to Nexi, Marco was a Director at Vodafone…

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Michael joined the Italian financial business community from the Silicon Valley after four years running Yahoo!’s Corporate Development and Strategy Group for the Americas.

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